Pope Valley Estate-

This Pope Valley project is a love letter to the garden. 

With this many newly planted flowers, it’s like offering a bouquet to the world. Bees and butterflies love it here, too because love has color. Vibrant, long-blooming specimens put on a seasonal show *cue heartbeat. The garden spaces are experiential and soft, yet boldly punctuated by ancient olives, locally sourced boulders and native stone. 


Playing with ascension and descension, narrowing and widening of spaces, the walking paths guide you from garden to garden, scene to scene. The design of the paths provide both long and short views. An admired technique learned from great film directors who set up layered shots across the landscape - giving you that lump in your throat. 


Gardens are versed in the language of love and romancing is at the center of Dune Hai’s approach in this Pope Valley estate.


Pope Valley, California

Photography: Caitlin Atkinson

Building Architects: Caha Design