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Stone Wall Three Times

For a long time now, the lineage of snaking stone walls made by artists and craftspeople have staked a place in our imaginations on the wild possibilities of follies in the landscape. We wanted our attempt to be detail oriented and rich with craft (shout out to ever talented stone mason Nelson). All while using off-cut materials found in the forgotten back stack of a stone yard.   

This project explores the manipulation of stone through a series of serpentine walls that weave through the garden. The low walls disintegrate from a clean blocked lounge seat into natural boulders as they outline lush planting. This garden’s signature perennial: Helenium puberulum bops over the walls and softens the mood. Drama here is further heightened in the evening when the “woven" wood wall, the backdrop to the space, lights up.

These clients are patrons to artists and we feel honored and grateful to have been included in their endeavors to support creatives.

Residential Gardens

East Bay Flats

Built by: Greenhand Landscape

Mural: Joset Medina

Photography: Caitlin Atkinson

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