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Dune: ENGLISH; "an amorphous landscape shaped by the elements"

Hai: URDU; "it is"

Dune Hai translates to "it's a dune" in English. Like dunes, all landscapes are uniquely manifested by the elements.

Dune Hai designs with the elements but also with history, art, and varying cultural aesthetics in mind. We love coming up with unique spaces that grow from the forces on their site and that honor different design traditions.

Dune Hai is a California based firm with services that include landscape architecture, garden design and planting design for residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. Our work on a project begins with concept generation all the way through construction administration.


Anooshey Rahim, Principal

Stylistically agnostic, Anooshey believes that if a design is beautiful and functional, then it works. Anooshey is a licensed Landscape Architect who aims to redefine contemporary design. She believes truly contemporary design acknowledges our cross-cultural surroundings and represents the individual and a layered heritage. She believes in beginning with what you have and using a critical process to problem solve. She is always willing to try something new and will always advocate for your needs.

Anooshey earned a Masters in Architecture and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and received a B. Art and Art History from University of Texas. She was formerly a Designer at Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture before launching Dune Hai in 2018.


Jinhee Ha, Senior Designer

Jinhee brings her rigor and passion to Dune Hai as the team's Senior Designer. Her curiosity about landscape stems from childhood memories of roadtrips with family in the early years of their immigration to the United States. She believes in the capacity of landscape architecture to celebrate shared ground and uncover stories.

Jinhee has an MLA from Cornell University and a BA from Carleton College. Her previous work experience includes community-engaged urban design and public-facing commercial development. She was formerly a Designer at SWA in San Francisco. 


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